Fairy Eyes

Fairy Eyes

1. First I grabbed a stock photo from Liquid Venus Stock. Check out her stock, a very beautiful woman with amazingly beautiful eyes. You can get the particular image I did by Clicking Here Now first I want to soften the image up a bit. Duplicate the bg layer and then go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and set the Radius to about 4.5, press ok. Then in the layers pallete set the blend mode to ‘Soft Light’, name this layer ‘Blur Overlay’. Now take out your pen tool, yeah everything requires the pen tool :D. If you have absolutley no clue how to use the pen tool then check out the video clip below

Fiary Eyes Pen tool Movie . Now if your good to go on the pen tool then
lets create our eye shroud. Create a new layer and then in the upper left corner select the ‘pen icon thats inside a box’ or ‘paths’. Now create a new layer and then start drawing your shape, view the movie above if you need help on it. Now once you’ve gotten your shape like you like it, set your foreground to #3D3D3D and then hop over to your paths pallete and select the ‘fill path’ icon. Now your should resemble mine… Pretty ugly so far huh?

2. Now name the layer we created the grey shape on to ‘Eye Shroud’, make sure your on your
Eye shroud layer and then grab about a 5 pixel soft dodge tool, set the Range to Shadows and exposure to about 80%, now just start dodgeing down the center part of your shape. Now take out a smaller brush and keep dodging donw the center, now use your burn tool and burn around the edges. I can’t detail this part 100% because its all based on expermentation. If you read thePerspective Tutorial you will get a deeper understanding of how to give objects depth. Now once you’ve got your shroud looking like you want it to set its layer mode to ‘Color Dodge’ and then the ‘Fill’ to about 50-60% depending on how you like it. Now move this layer inbetween our Blur OVerlay layer and our Background Layer.

3. Now create a new layer above all the rest and name this ‘Rainbow Overlay’.. Now grab your linear gradient tool and up at the top set your gradient to the ‘Rainbow Colored’ one, if you hover over it, it says ‘Spectrum’… Now go from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Now just apply some Filter>Distort>Wave’s to it. There is no set numbers, just try to create a little randomness is all.

4. Now lets work on the eye color. Create a new layer above your background layer and name it ‘Eye Color’. Now using your circular marquee tool, draw a circle around the iris of the eye. Now fill this selection with white and set the blend mode to ‘Overlay’.. (Note: Depending on which rainbow color is over your eye, you may have to play around with this, try different colors).